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EU adopts budget for 2020, more funds allocated to climate change fight and innovation


MEPs voted to adopt the EU budget for 2020, while the total amount of budget obligations for 2020 was approved in the amount of €168.7 billion.

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
The European Parliament noted that the European MPs were able to achieve the allocation of an additional €850 billion compared with the draft budget proposed by the European Commission.

This applies to financing projects in areas such as climate (more than €500 million extra), innovation, research, development and youth.

“The total amount of liabilities is €168.7 billion. This is 1.5% more compared to the 2019 budget as amended,” said the council’s communiqué circulated in Brussels.

The European Commission noted that the agreement reached by the EU institutions will allow the union to "focus its resources on priorities that are important for citizens: climate change, jobs, youth, security and solidarity."

Günther Oettinger, the European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, said that "the EU budget for 2020 is marked by continuity: it is the last within the framework of the current long-term budget and the last proposed and agreed by the Juncker Commission": "He will direct resources where there are needs. It will help to create jobs, solve the problem of climate change and attract investments throughout Europe. This will allow investing in young people and make Europe safer."

"Now we must focus on the timely adoption of the next long-term budget (2021-2027) in order to be able to ensure certainty and stability for our beneficiaries and continue to create added value for the EU for all," the European Commissioner said.

source: euobserver.com