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EU considers paying Elon Musk for Starlink terminals in Ukraine


According to the Financial Times, the European Union is debating whether to foot the bill for a subscription to the Starlink satellite internet communication terminals that Elon Musk gave to Ukraine.

James Duncan Davidson
James Duncan Davidson
Josep Borrell, the director of the foreign policy division of the European Union, has directed ambassadors to create strategies to safeguard Internet communications in Ukraine.

Elon Musk, who provided Starlink satellite communication terminals to Kiev, threatened to discontinue funding their operation.

The Financial Times reported this, citing three employees who have information on the range of possibilities for connecting Ukraine to the Internet.

According to the FT's sources, the European Union will decide whether to work with SpaceX and set up a joint fund to pay for the company's donated Starlink terminals.

They claim that the staff might discover other satellite Internet communication solutions for Ukraine. Supporters of the fund point out that, rather than depending simply on Musk's personal choice and offer, a contract would enable them to sue him in court if he suspends service.

source: ft.com