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EU creates a commission to develop new rules for UAV operation


European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is recruiting a group of experts to evaluate the risk of collision of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with manned aircraft. The decision was made after increased sightings of dangerous proximity of aircraft in the air. Experts will conduct tests and security checks, and identify consequences of aircraft’s collisions with UAVs. The results will be used to make up new restrictions on UAV flights.

Yesterday, the European Aviation Safety Agency announced establishment of a task team of experts to evaluate the risk of collision of aircraft with UAVs. The researchers will study aircraft’s vulnerabilities, will conduct research and analyze all cases of collisions and midair encounters of aircraft with UAVs, recorded in the EU. Experts will take into account different types of manned aircraft (including civil aviation aircraft and helicopters) as well as their technical characteristics. They will also test the safety devices. The results will be published on the official website of the agency in July this year.

In April this year, the British Airways plane collided with "some object" over Heathrow airport. The collision did not have any serious consequences, however, the incident alarmed security experts. Although the investigation found out that the object was not a drone, experts recognize the need to identify the possible consequences of collisions with aircraft. "Sometimes what seems like a drone, is another object. Be that as it may, the problem is to consider ", - said a representative of EASA. Experts believe that collisions of aircraft with the engine drones can be particularly dangerous since drone batteries often work on inflammable lithium.

Due to the growing popularity of devices, EASA Management has been developing rules on the use of drones for owners since last year. The organization has already outlined the following restrictions: a ban on flights of UAVs 150 m above the ground and outside the line of sight; the device must be registered, and the use of UAVs around airports requires special permission. According to the results of the expert team, more rules for safety are likely to be introduced.

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