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EU to fight food waste


The European Union is preparing a program to combat wasteful food consumption and losses in the food industry.

Albert Bridge
Albert Bridge
A conference on the EU Platform for Food Waste Reduction and Wasteful Food Consumption will be focus on recommendations for the EU Food Waste Action Plan. It will be held on Thursday at the EU Council.

Without addressing the loss and wastefulness of food consumption, the EU will not be able to create a sustainable “farm-to-plate” food chain, said EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides on the eve of the conference.

The EU is committed to halving food waste per capita by the level of retail and consumption by 2030, as well as reducing losses in the production and supply of food products.

The platform, created in 2016, brings together state organizations and private companies for interaction between the most important segments of the food chain, as well as experts selected through an open competition. It aims to develop measures to combat losses and wasteful consumption, organizes the exchange of best practices and the assessment of sustainable achievements.

source: ec.europa.eu