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Electric car makers' capitalization loses $1.5trln from peak levels


According to MarketWatch, the market valuation of all businesses worldwide engaged in the manufacture of electric vehicles is currently approximately $700 billion, having dropped from their peak values by almost $1.5 trillion.

Ivan Radic
Ivan Radic
About 75% of the $521 billion total capitalization of the industry is held by Tesla. Along with BYD and Li Auto, Tesla is one of the only companies in the sector that consistently turns a profit. The three firms' combined value is approximately $650 billion.

XPeng, NIO, Polestar Automotive, Lotus Technology, Lucid, VinFast Auto, and Rivian Automotive are seven "second tier" companies who are losing money, but their combined value exceeds $1 billion, making them worth $58 billion. The amount hit $650 billion at its highest point.

The combined market capitalization of the third tier of companies—Fisker, Canoo, Lordstown Motors, Arrival, and Faraday Future—as well as the producers of electric trucks, Nikola and Hyliion—is close to $1 billion. Prior to now, the amount was around $100 billion.

The majority of the corporations showed their records in the first half of 2022.

source: marketwatch.com