Daily Management Review

European indices accelerate, German DAX breaks records


Europe's main stock exchanges accelerated by Monday evening, with Germany's DAX index breaking all-time records, trading data showed.

In the evening, the British FTSE 100 rose 0.76% to 6679.65 points, the French CAC 40 rose 1.6% to 5872.26 points and the German DAX rose 2.45% to 14261.3 points. During the day quotes rose by 0.2-0.7%, the weakest performer was British FTSE 100.

Minutes earlier the German DAX index renewed its record of 14283.8 points despite weak industrial production statistics in the country. The volume of industrial production in Germany, on a seasonally adjusted basis, fell by 2.5% in January against December. Experts expected growth of 0.2%.

The growth of European stock markets accelerated with the opening of trading in the U.S., where exchanges are mostly rising. 

Investors tend to be optimistic about the outlook for the global economy in light of the ongoing coronavirus vaccination in countries around the world and the economic support measures taken by state authorities.

source: ft.com