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Ex-head of Mexican Pemex will be transferred to Madrid prison


Emilio Lozoya, the former head of Pemex (Mexican oil and gas corporation), will be transferred from a prison in Malaga to Madrid, Europa Press agency reports citing unnamed sources.

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It was previously reported that Emilio Lozoya, who was detained in Spain on the basis of an international arrest warrant for Mexico, will be detained pending extradition.

According to the agency, Lozoya will be sent to a prison located in the municipality of Soto del Real (province of Madrid). The exact date of the transfer is not yet known.

This decision was made for administrative reasons, due to the proximity of the Madrid prison to the National Court of Justice. The latter authorized to make a decision at the request of the Mexican authorities for extradition.

The former head of Pemex was detained on February 12 in the province of Malaga on the basis of an international arrest warrant issued by Mexico in 2019. He was wanted in his country in connection with the events of 2012 and 2013, while he was CEO of Petroleos Mexicanos. Mexican prosecutors accuse Lozoya of corruption and estimate the amount of damage at $280 million. He left Mexico last May.

Lozoya was allegedly involved in corruption when he headed the oil and gas company (2012-2016). It is about buying Pemex from AHMSA fertilizer plant for about $ 500 million, while, according to current authorities, its cost did not exceed 50 million. The official is also accused of receiving a bribe of $ 10 million for a construction contract from the Brazilian company Odebrecht.

source: europapress.es