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Facebook Is Ready To Go Through Scrutiny Over Its Hate Speech Control


As a response to many companies’ decision to pause advertising with Facebook over its policy to deal with hate speech, the company will be audit by Media Rating Council.

Facebook Inc has informed that the company will collaborate through an audit process which scrutinise the company’s ways of controlling hate speech, in an attempt to address the movement to boycott the social media platform by advertisers which continue to grow.
Major advertisers including Unilever and Starbucks have joined the campaign called “Stop Hate for Profit”, initiated by “U.S. civil rights groups”, urging brands to stop advertising in Facebook platform in the month of July. It is an attempt to mount pressure on the “social media giant” for taking stricter action to put an end to hate speech.
Media Rating Council is a “media measurement” firm, which will be conducting Facebook audit for evaluating its systems and procedures in place for protecting advertisers from sharing the same platform that promotes “harmful content”. Moreover, the audit will also touch upon “Facebook’s reporting in certain areas”, although the final date for the audit is yet to be decided.
Two days ago, Facebook connected with the advertisers over a call, which was attended by “Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions, Guy Rosen, vice president of integrity, and Neil Potts, public policy director”, informed Reuters. The executives informed that Facebook will be including a “new data point” which will scrutinise the presence of hate speech in its “Community Standards Enforcement Report”. Through this the company will share how it deals with “content that violates policy”, said The Media Kitchen’s Chief Executive, Barry Lowenthal.
Lowenthal thinks even though, Facebook has taken “many steps” to curtail hate speech but the problem has cascaded to “so large” a scale that now only some drastic measures are needed to address the issue. In Lowenthal’s words:
“Maybe they should hit pause on the platform entirely. How much more can society handle?”
Even Ford Motor Co and Coca-cola are more such names who have also joined the campaign to suspend advertising on Facebook for the month of July. While, Reuters also added:
“Facebook announced last week it would label “newsworthy” content that violates its policies, but the move failed to satisfy organizers of the boycott, who plan to call on more global advertisers to join the campaign”.