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Facebook Messenger Rooms Is A Step To Counter Zoom Popularity


Facebook Inc says to need to download anything new, just get started with Messenger Rooms without worrying about Privacy Issues.

Facebook introduced new rooms in its Messenger in order to keep up with the popularity of Zoom Call App. In this new feature, if communities and friends create rooms open to an user, the latter with the able to see them “directly on Facebook”. Facebook Inc has further stated in a blog post:
“When you’re invited to a room, you can join from your phone or computer — no need to download anything to get started”.
Moreover, Facebook ensured that user privacy was kept very much in mind while creating the Rooms, as it informed in a blog post:
“We built Rooms with privacy and safety top of mind so you can feel comfortable connecting with your friends, family and communities”.
Moreover, the company also cleared that it “doesn’t view or listen to users’ calls” as it added:
“The person who creates the room controls who can join, who sees the room, and if the room is locked or unlocked to new guests.”
The majority of the world population observing lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, video callings apps have come into prominence as people are more relying on them. At present, Zoom have over three hundred million users while in December alone it has only ten million users. Moreover, other apps such as Houseparty has also become immensely popular, while Facebook has come up with its Messenger Rooms to match the competition.