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Finland Remains Strike-Bound On Friday


Finland faces a shutdown on Friday due to a failure in settling wage related issues of the workers.

As per the B.B.C News the “news agencies” have reported that on Friday, Finland was facing a country-wide strike which has been triggered off by an anti-austerity movement. Moreover, the strike had caused the ports to be dysfunctional while disrupting flight schedules in the Finland airport. Finnair is the “national carrier” of Finland, which cancelled sixteen domestic flights on Friday, while they expected many more schedules to be delayed.
However, transportation on the bus services and train facility fronts too were affected and had “stopped running”, although ferry services including the ones that travelled “Sweden and Estonia” remained operational amid the strike stricken atmosphere of Finland.
The protesters raised their voice against the government, complaining about their “cutbacks” along with the limits put on benefit scales and overtime work payments. According to the “Associated Press”, there were attempts of negotiation made through talks wherein the aim was to arrive at a “collective agreement on wages and working hours”. However, the said initiation failed which in turn rolled the movement of strike into motion.
There have been reports of last week which stated that the Prime Minister of Finland, Juha Sipila’s announcement clarified his intentions of “reviving the eurozone member's economy” after a period of three years, wherein recession reigned. The report says the plan of the Finnish Prime Minister dealt with, among other topics:
“…cutting back holidays, reducing pensioners' housing allowances, and reductions in employees' overtime and Sunday pay.
In Mr. Sipila’s words:
"The Finnish state has contracted debt at a rate of almost a million euros (£370,000) per hour for seven years, day and night, every day of the week. We cannot continue like this”.
Moreover, B.B.C News reports that:
“Police and organisers expect thousands of people to demonstrate in Helsinki, the AFP news agency reported”.