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Five wealthiest writers of 2016


Many people dream about becoming a writer and publishing at least one book. Some of them converted writer’s craft into the main source of stable income. Here are the top 5 richest authors in 2016 according to Forbes.

5. Nora Roberts

$ 15 million

The author of detective and romance novels Nora Roberts is traditionally located in the middle of the Forbes list. She has more than two hundred books in her writer's portfolio.

4. John Grisham

$ 18 million

John Grisham is an American writer, politician, and a former lawyer. He is known as an author of many bestsellers (so-called "legal thriller"), filmed in Hollywood. His works have been translated into 42 languages.

Debut novel "Time to kill" was published in five thousand copies in June 1988.

The second novel, "Firm" (1991), became a surprise best seller. After selling half a million copies of the book, rights to its adaptation were purchased by Paramount.

Circulation of the third novel, "The Pelican Brief," exceeded 11 million copies. 

3. JK Rowling

$ 19 million

Joanne Rowling, known under as JK Rowling, is a British writer, screenwriter and film producer, famous for her series of novels about Harry Potter.

They became the best-selling book series in history and inspired a movie series, which became the second highest grossing in history. Rowling approved the scripts, and joined team of producers of the last two parts.

2. Jeff Kinney

$ 19.5 million

Jeff Kinney is an American inventor of games, cartoonist and children's writer. Among his books is best seller "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", which had several sequels.

The books were followed by an eponymous film shot in 2010.

1. James Patterson

$ 95 million

James B. Patterson is an American writer in the genre of thriller and detective. He is widely known through a series of novels about Inspector Alex Cross.

Patterson also wrote four novels about Detective Michael Bennett and 11 novels under the auspices of the "Women's Murder Club". His portfolio also features many independent works. 

source: forbes.com