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Ford Halts Social Media Advertisement In Support Of Eradicating Online Hate Speech


Ford evaluates its global online presence as it halts its social media advertisement in the U.S.

Today Ford Motor Co has informed that for the coming thirty days, it will be putting on hold its social media based advertisements in the U.S. as a part of a movement by a group of companies who have stopped advertising on Facebook Inc, while the list of the companies seems to only grow bigger.
This move forms part of a campaign that accused Facebook for not “doing enough” to put end “hate speech on its platform”. Ford of the second biggest auto manufacturer in the U.S. while the company is going to “re-evaluate” its social media presence. Moreover, it also said that it is for the fight against social media contents that promote “hate speech, violence and racial injustice” as these, said the company, “needs to be eradicated”.
Furthermore, Reuters also reported that:
“A spokesman said Ford is evaluating such spending in other regions”.