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Former Salesforce employee creates a competitor to Google


A former Salesforce employee introduced the search engine you.com, in which two American billionaires have already invested. The developer hopes to make the project a competitor to Google, which helps users but does not use their personal data for advertising purposes.

Richard Socher, who worked as chief scientist at the cloud solutions developer Salesforce, introduced the search engine you.com with which he will try to create a competition with Google. This was announced by TechCrunch. 

"It is a reliable search engine. We want to work to ensure that there are more trustworthy clicks and fewer clickbaits on the Internet," Socher said. In addition to trust, he called the values of you.com "kindness" and "facts".

Socher noted that several problems prompted him to the idea of creating a new search engine for him and the other co-founders of the project. First, there is too much information around and no one can process all of it, he said. Moreover, according to Socher, it is impossible to understand what information can be trusted. Finally, the problem of privacy is growing to an alarming extent, he added.

Socher says that his goal is the creation of a search engine that will help users make complex decisions, for example when purchasing goods. In his own words, the search engine will not rely on information about users when selecting ads. By working with the co-founder of Salesforce, billionaire Marc Benioff, Socher, in his own words, has learned how to make money while building trusting relationships with customers. 

Creating competition for Google will not be easy, but it is about developing a fundamentally different product that cannot be recreated by the IT giant due to the nature of its business model, Soher said. He also believes that the antitrust litigation that is taking place against Google could play into the hands of the startup.

source: techcrunch.com