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Former head of E.ON UK to head German Uniper


According to a press release from Uniper, Michael Lewis, the previous CEO of E.ON's British division, will lead the German energy company.

Former head of E.ON UK to head German Uniper
"In a special meeting, Uniper SE Supervisory Board agreed to name Michael Lewis as the company's new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As soon as an effective date is determined, the official appointment will be made. His contract will have a five-year term," the declaration reads.

Lewis, a trained engineer, has worked in the energy industry for almost 30 years with an emphasis on renewable energy. He started working for Powergen in the UK in 1993.

He has worked for E.ON since 2007, holding a number of roles, including CEO of Climate and Renewable Energy and, as of 2017, CEO of E.ON in Britain.

source: bloomberg.com