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Founder of Uniqlo becomes Japan's richest businessman


The founder of Uniqlo returned to the position of Japan's richest businessman, according to American Forbes.

Rouardsiam 002
Rouardsiam 002
The founder of the clothing chain Uniqlo Tadashi Yanai became the richest Japanese businessman according to American Forbes. He published an updated version of the ranking of Japan's 50 richest people.

Yanai regained the lead. He had already topped the list in 2019 and 2020, but dropped to second place in 2021. Yanai regained the lead despite the fact that his capital has decreased by 44% compared to last year's ranking - it was estimated at $23.6 billion when compiling the list. The slowdown in sales in the domestic market and in China has affected the share price of Fast Retailing - the parent company of Uniqlo, American Forbes explained.

The second place is taken by Takemitsu Takizaki, the founder of sensor manufacturer Keyence, whose fortune is valued at $21.6 billion, $4.2 billion less than it was last year. Takizaki for the first time climbed to such a high position in the ranking of the richest Japanese people. In third place was last year's leader, the founder of SoftBank Masaesi Son. His capital decreased for the year more than that of other members of the list both in money and in percentage. Son's fortune dropped by more than half to $21.1 billion.

source: forbes.com