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France Strikes Back At ISIS


After the terror attacks in Paris, France targeted a Syrian city Raqqa for its airstrikes.

According to “governmental official(s)” of France, French war-planes hit back at ISIS militants on the Syrian land on Sunday the 15th of November 2015. The said strike was in answer to the terrorists attacks that occurred at various locations in Paris and claimed hundred twenty nine innocent lives. Furthermore, bulletin.com informs:
“Before the attack on Paris, France had been sparing in its strikes against targets in Syria”.
French news media reporting on the France’s airstrikes coverage, reported that the target location was mainly Raqqa, a city that lies in the northern part of Syria and is known to be the “self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State”.
Reports coming from the either side of the Atlantic confirm that prior to the “Friday’s terrorist assault in Paris”, the attackers were in communication with “known members of the Islamic State in Syria”, whereby asserting the point with added evidence. Therefore, all the evidences point their fingers towards the Syrian “radical group” which “coordinated or helped carry out the attacks rather than simply inspired them (attackers)”.
The President of France, Mr. François Hollande said in a statement:
“It is an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from abroad, with complicity from the inside, which the investigation will help establish”.
However, the evidences only suggest existing “links between the Islamic State and the Paris attackers”, although nothing more definitive have been found yet. Nevertheless, it is clear that the assailants were not “totally” acting “on their own”.
Moreover, the officials from France and the U.S. described that the attacks were carried out “with high levels of sophistication”, therefore it is likely that the assailants were not merely inspired “by a radical group” instead they were trained by them and the entire plot was executed with accuracy.
The communication channels between the group and the attackers were secured through “encryption technology”, revealed the European Officials. However, the intelligence is still to find out whether the encrypted communication took place through “widely used communications tools like WhatsApp, as the likes are “hard” to monitor.
Furthermore, the report stated:
“The disciplined way some of the attackers handled themselves during the assault and evidence of some military-style training — for example, having one attacker continue shooting while another reloaded his weapon — also suggested that the plot involved considerable planning and input from an organized group, a French official said”.
The attacks aimed at Paris, has revealed a new side of ISIS’s “strategy and capabilities”, while the same group had “claimed responsibility for the crash of a Russian charter plane carrying vacationers home from a resort in Egypt, killing all 224 people aboard”.