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France: We will take measures to protect our military in Syria


Amid the ongoing Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria, France decided to take the necessary measures to secure its military and civilians in the region, AFP reported. A day earlier, the United States announced its readiness to withdraw about a thousand US troops from the territory of the conflict so that they would not be "between the two advancing armies."

Jacques Paquiera via flickr
Jacques Paquiera via flickr
“The risk of terrorists fleeing due to the Turkish military operation is fully taken into account. In view of this, measures have also been taken to strengthen the security of the national territory,” the country said in a statement. Paris intends to use diplomatic leverage to end Turkey’s offensive operation in Syria.

A few hours earlier, France announced holding of a military council. It is not specified what kind of measures were developed during the meeting.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron called on Turkey to expedite the military operation as soon as possible. He added that the operation could result in destabilization of the situation in the region and a humanitarian catastrophe. France also suspended arms shipments to Turkey.

Recall, October 9, Turkey launched the military operation in Syria. The purpose of the operation is to occupy Syrian territory from the Euphrates River to the Iraqi border, freeing it from Kurdish formations. Turkey calls them terrorist. League of Arab States called on Turkey to withdraw troops from Syria. EU countries condemned the actions of Ankara. Damascus called the Turkish offensive "invasion." Russia called for the liberation of Syria from the foreign military presence and the restoration of its territorial integrity.

source: afp.com