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French tour operators will stop sending tourists to China until February 21


The Union of Tour Operators of France (SETO) recommended that tourists not be sent to China until February 21 due to an outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, Le Figaro writes

Most of the local attractions are closed In China. This measure is supposed to prevent the full implementation of the tour programs, the organization explained.

SETO is not urgently returning tourists from China yet. However, it advises travel companies to be prepared to adapt tour programs to the measures that the Chinese authorities are introducing.

A certain number of tourists from France remain in Wuhan, which is considered to be the source of the spread of the new infection. The city has been closed since last week, the transport connection with it is interrupted and no one is released from there. 

The French Ministry of Health announced on January 26 that the French government plans to remove fellow citizens from the coronavirus outbreak zone, Euronews reported. The French Ministry of Health announced that Prime Minister Edouard Philippe ordered to prepare for the removal of the French by direct flights from the infection zone. Everyone who is taken out will be quarantined for two weeks.

On Monday morning in China, 2761 cases of infection with a new coronavirus were recorded, taking into account Taiwan and Hong Kong. 80 patients died. Another 37 cases were detected outside of China, including in France.

source: lefigaro.fr