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G7 countries to increase electricity storage sixfold by 2030


The Financial Times writes that the G7 nations will decide this weekend to set a global goal to double the amount of electricity stored globally by six times by 2030 as opposed to 2022.

The move is required to make up for potential disruptions in the supply of electricity as countries transition to a larger usage of renewable energy sources (RES), such as wind and solar, which cannot always provide reliable generation.

Climate ministers have "agreed in principle" to raise the worldwide objective for power storage capacity to 1,500GW in 2030 from 230GW in 2022, according to a draft document seen by the Financial Times, before of the two-day meeting that begins on Sunday. In addition to batteries, it intends to use hydrogen and water as storage methods.

The most contentious is the matter of giving up coal, which Japan in particular has opposed.

According to the current draft, which has not yet been agreed upon, governments have until shortly after 2035 to phase out coal power, whose emissions are not collected. Coal-fired power facilities that intend to remain operational after 2039 would have to capture 90 percent of carbon dioxide emissions by 2032, according to new regulations announced by the United States on Thursday.

source: ft.com