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Gates Foundation invests in development of a methane-reducing feed additive for cows


The Bill Gates Foundation has invested in an Australian that is creating a feed additive that causes cows to release less methane into the environment.

Australian business Rumin8 Pty. has received funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), an investment company formed by Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. According to the startup's website, BEV took part in phase two of a $12 million fundraising round for Rumin8 Pty. The Harvest Road Group, owned by Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest, contributed money as well.

The business is working on a feed additive that will reduce methane emissions from cows. According to Carmichael Roberts, a top executive at the investment firm, "the desire for sustainable protein has never been more clear, and BEV is particularly interested in lowering methane emissions produced by cattle and dairy production."

Rumin8 Pty, a Perth-based firm, is creating pellets for animals using a synthetic version of the bromoform found in red algae. According to one study, feeding seaweed to cows can cut methane emissions by 98 percent, writes Bloomberg. According to the EPA, over a third of methane emissions, which are second only to carbon dioxide in terms of their impact on global warming, come from livestock rearing.

source: bloomberg.com