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German experts: There’s no end to wars


Each year, five German institutions that study the problems of peace and conflict resolution, analyze the main trends of international security policy. Based on the results, the scientists compose an expert opinion on the problems of peace, and give an assessment of what is happening. The conclusion of 2018 is titled "Endless wars. More diplomacy, less arms supplies. " The experts' conclusion is disappointing: there’s no end to wars and crises, and ability of the world community to ensure peace and security around the world is becoming weaker.

Gertrud Zach
Gertrud Zach
Deterioration in the level of security

The analysts were focused on various problems of the modern world. One of them is the situation with the multilateral agreement on the atomic program of Iran. The unilateral withdrawal from these agreements, proclaimed by US President Donald Trump, is an act of a frontal assault on the international system of peace and security.

Experts note deterioration in the level of security in Europe. So, Russia keeps illegally holding the Crimea and supporting separatists in the east of Ukraine. Thus, it grossly violates the basic principles of the Paris Charter of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) adopted in 1990.

In Turkey, President Erdogan is destroying the principle of separation of powers, and civil liberties are massively restricted. The principles of liberal democracy are under pressure - although not so severe - in countries such as Hungary and Poland. Their authorities violate the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and the existing treaties of the European Union.

The UN demonstrates helplessness

Experts noted the declining role of the United Nations in solving international problems. The UN demonstrated complete helplessness on the issues of the Syrian settlement and mass expulsion of Rohinj people from the places of residence in Myanmar, experts believe. In a number of cases, the inactivity of the UN was explained by the fact that the Security Council could not make important decisions because of their blocking as a result of the confrontation between Russia and the West.

The researchers stated that the number of civil wars waged throughout the world is the highest since 1945.

The situation in the Middle East remains especially tense. Hundreds of thousands of victims of wars in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, nearly 11 million refugees, gas attacks in Syria, atrocities of Islamic state militants are clear examples of a mass violation of the norms of humanitarian international law in the region.

The number of terrorist attacks in the world is dropping

At that, the experts are rather optimistic about international terrorism. Since 2015, there has been a gradual decline in the number of terrorist attacks around the world. Only one percent of the victims of terrorists fall on OSCE countries.

Experts strongly rejected the thesis that the influx of migrants and liberal policies towards refugees increased the terrorist threat in Europe: "The overwhelming majority of those who committed acts of terrorism in Europe between 2015 and 2018 belong to second or third generation migrants," they says the report.

To prevent the radicalization of migrants, researchers propose to improve the system of measures in order to adapt them to the new conditions and allow family reunification. The latter is considered important not only in the humanitarian plan, but also as a security measure.

source: dw.de