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German retail giant Metro reports net loss for first nine months


Compared to profit before taxes, Metro's net loss for the first nine months was €379 million.

Gennady Grachev
Gennady Grachev
According to the company's financial statement, Metro AG, a major German retailer, recorded a net loss of €379 million in the first three quarters of fiscal 2021–2022 as opposed to a profit of €31 million a year earlier.

In the reporting period, there were €1.04 in losses per share as opposed to €0.09 in profits.

After making a profit of €63 million the previous year, Metro's net loss at the end of the third quarter of its fiscal year was €290 million. Loss per share was €0.8 compared to a profit of €0.17 a year earlier. 

source: bloomberg.com