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Germany is preparing a law on keeping gas storage tanks full


A bill on the mandatory full filling of Germany's gas storage facilities will be ready soon, German Economy Minister Robert Habek said.

"The government and I will do everything to protect Germany and the German people from the consequences. We will take similar measures for sectors of the economy that will possibly be affected by sanctions as we did in the pandemic. We will keep coal, oil and gas reserves at a high level. 

We must also significantly accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels. We will soon be introducing a law on the fullness of (gas) storage facilities. And I will ask to draft a bill so that we lose as little time as possible," he said, speaking at an emergency meeting of the Bundestag.

He explained that "energy supply and energy supply sovereignty have become matters of national security". "We have to invest in this," Habek added.

source: dw.de