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Germany sets to create a floating launch pad in the North Sea


The German Federation of Industrialists has proposed building a launch pad for the launch of small spacecraft in the country. The corresponding proposal was sent by the industrialists to state departments, including the ministries of economy and defense, at the end of summer, writes Defense News.

The mobile platform is expected to be built in the North Sea. It will be towed by ships to the farthest end of Germany's exclusive economic zone. Industry analysts believe that this is an ideal location to launch rockets into polar or sun-synchronous orbits.

It is noted that this initiative will be of great commercial importance. Its supporters say that the presence of their own launch pad will stimulate market players who are ready to work in the rocket and space industry to stay in the country, as the United States strives to get German specialists in this area.

The political aspect is also emphasized. NATO, which last year declared space as its operational sphere, intends to expand its presence there, considering proposals from France and Germany to create a center of excellence, sponsored by the alliance.

As a result of the project, Berlin will be able to offer NATO and the European Union the opportunity to launch small-sized vehicles, thereby contributing to the creation of a high-tech defense system that the Europeans are persistently striving to build.

There are three promising companies that could be involved in launching. These are HyImpulse Technologies, located between Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Isar Aerospace Technologies south of Munich, and a rocket factory in Augsburg, Bavaria.

German industrialists expect that the implementation in the civilian sphere of the concept of launching small vehicles for a wide variety of purposes - from communications to environmental monitoring from space - will open the doors for defense applications.

source: defensenews.com