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Gilead Has Plans Of Expanding Production Of Remdesivir Drug


Remdesivir drug seems to be effective on COVID-19 patients although more data is still needed before concluding the same.

Gilead Sciences Inc has manufactured the remdesivir drug which is being used to treat coronavirus victims on an experimental basis, while the company recently informed that it would partner with international organisations for expanding production of the potential treatment for COVID-19.
According to the company, by December they are expecting to see over “one million remdesivir treatment courses” which were manufactured by the company it has plans of “to be able to produce several million treatment courses in 2021.” In fact, approximately within little more or less than a month or so, the company would have completed the manufacturing of over “140,000 treatment courses” of remdesivir.
In fact, if the drug proves to take shorter time than the “standard 10-day course” for cure then more patients can be reached out to. Moreover, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had informed that it was in talks with Gilead for making remdesivir’ availability to patients as soon as possible. While Reuters added:
“Gilead also reported flat first-quarter earnings and its shares fell 2% in extended trading”.
As per the information provided by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the preliminary results who that remdesivir trail on COVID-19 patients has yielded “31% faster” recovery than the one on placebo treatment. In the former scenario the recovery was in eleven days while the later had a recovery period of fifteen days. Furthermore, Reuters also reported:
“While the data will need more analysis to know just how well the drug might work and for which patients with COVID-19, it was hailed by U.S. health officials as highly significant since it clearly had an effect on the disease for which there are currently no approved treatments or vaccines”.
Further details on remdesivir’s treatment on COVID-19 patients will be made available in the coming month, while many other studies are looking into the use of the drug to treat the ongoing pandemic. In fact, the European Medicines Agency has also informed that it began a ”rolling review” of data on “the use of Gilead’s antiviral drug for the treatment of COVID-19”.
However, Gilead’s Q1 sales fell flat even though it saw a five percent increase in its sale figures which were “offset by higher costs”.