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Gold and Silver Gundman Robots up for Sale in Japan


Gold and Silver Gundman Robots up for Sale in Japan
The golden version of Gundam, one of the most iconic robots ever in Japan, would now be available for sale, provided one can shell out 20 million yen or $160,000. The value is as much for the 1000 grams of gold adoring the robot as the iconic status.

This robot would be available at the "The Art of Gundman" exhibition in the Tokyo district of Roppongi this July.

However if one does not have the financial ability to purchase the golden robot, one can opt to purchase the silver version of the robot that would be available for 648,000 yen or around $5,000. In any case one can simply admire the construction of the robot at the exhibition.

Gundam, often referred to a as the Gundam Series is a creation of Sunrise and is a science fiction media franchise. The series composes of giant robots wearing titular mobile suits that carried the name the "Gundam".

The franchise began functioning in 1979 by the launch of an animated series on television that was named Mobile Suit Gundman. The series, which featured giant robots in a militaristic war setting, was an instant hit. The popularity of the series led the creators to manufacture and sell Gundam merchandise. Subsequently the franchise became a word hit and franchise cam up in many parts of the world. A total of 80 billion yen in revenues was generated by the Gundam franchise in 2014. The sale of Gundam toys and other merchandise was to the tune of 18.4 billion yen in 2014.

The latest golden and silver venture of the Gundam was created jointly by Bandai, a Japanese toy company, and Ginza Tanaka, the craftspeople behind several other pop culture jewelry creations, such as a $60, Godzila. The latest model of the iconic robot is 125 millimeters or 5 inches high and weighs 1 kilogram or 2.2 pounds.

This is an exact miniature replica of the 18-meter manned combat system of Gundam that was visible in the TV series. The series is also popular in countries like the United States and the Bandai, the owner of the iconic report, has been reported to have made earnings of more than $ 600 million earnings in 2014.

Gundam is famous in Japan. There are restaurants and hotels and hotel rooms named after the robotic character. The commemorations of the cartoon character in Japan are quite expensive.

A real life statue of the robot character has been set up in Odaiba in 2009. This is a 1:1 scale model of the huge character that was installed initially in Shizuoka Prefecture as a part of the promotional activities to attract vacationers to the place and to promote Tokyo’s bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. But public sentiment and popularity of the structure made the authorities reinstate the statue at Odaiba.
This is not the first time that a very expensive model of Gundam has been created. A platinum model of the robot was created in 2007 which was estimated to have been priced at $250,000 but was not for sale.

For the die-hard Gundman lover, the metal models are among among the most coveted creations that they can purchase. The creators of the latest expensive models of the character however are of the view that given the popularity and the fan following of the iconic robot series, these gold and silver models would get sold off pretty fast.
These metal models are among among the most lavish possible souvenirs to bring home from a Gundam pilgrimage, but with so much demand for demand for Gundam toys, exhibits, and experiences, it’s realistic that this latest, shiniest iteration will sell well, too.

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