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Goldman Sachs predicts drop in battery metal prices


Battery metal prices, such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel, are expected to fall over the next two years due to oversupply induced by green energy investors, says Goldman Sachs.

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According to Bloomberg, prices for three essential battery metals - cobalt, lithium, and nickel - will plummet in the next two years, citing Goldman Sachs analysts' predictions. This, they believe, will occur because investors seeking access to "green" energy have spent too heavily in their production in recent years, resulting in a supply glut for these metals.

Investors are "fully aware" of the critical role of battery metals in the 21st century economy, according to Goldman Sachs analysts. Despite the demand's "exponential profile", they feel the "bull market in battery metals is gone for the time being."

At the same time, Goldman Sachs analysts believe metals have a bright long-term future, owing to the rising use of electric vehicles. However, there is currently an oversupply in this market due to the large number of investors.

source: bloomberg.com