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Google And Lenovo Unveils Smartphone Technology Project Tango


Lenovo and Google choose CES 2016 to demonstrate the features of their upcoming Project Tango’s smartphone.

Lenovo collaborates with Google to work on their first smartphone product that will be targeted on the basis of the consumers, whereby the project is titled “Project Tango technology” which has been demonstrated in the “CES 2016 trade show”. The tech firm of China has plans on launching the smartphone in the summer of 2016 with a price tag of "less than $500".
Revealing some of the features of the upcoming smartphone, Lenovo brought forth Project Tango’s applications. The new smartphone of Lenovo and Google collaboration will be capable of mapping indoor area with the help of “3D machine vision technology”. Moreover, the camera of the smartphone will be equipped with “vertically stacked lenses” for providing in depth colour and other information, while the device will have a “wide-angle peripheral vision” due to its fisheye lens.
The company also stated that all the camera data will be compiled by the Lenovo smartphone's processor, although no further information has been got about it. However, the technology will be able to process real time data for mapping like getting down to the precision of centimetres in terms of measurements.
The by product of Project Tango’s handset will “run on Android OS” besides featuring a display of the size of “less than 6.5-inches”. The developers are urged to submit their ideas for Project Tango to Google by the 15th of February 2016. The developers eligible for funding will be selected for their ideas, whereby their app will be “preloaded on the Lenovo smartphone”. In fact, the Vice President at Lenovo, Jeff Meredith states:
"This was not designed as a niche device. We want this to be accessible to a large audience”.
According to the Tango project leader, Johnny Lee, the upcoming technology will transform “the smartphone into a magical window on the world”. While demonstrating the new features of the smartphone, Lee informed that will the help of the new technology the users can easily manoeuvre their way through malls, hotels and can “take precise measurements” of their rooms and other spaces before purchasing furniture or related items.
During the demonstration, Lee showcased how instant measurement of a room can be acquired including the height of the ceiling and the square foot area that it occupies. He also adds:
"There is much more in the space around us that we can see with our eyes”.
The “imaging technology” of Tango Project utilises various sensors’ combination and takes measures of the “environment” around it to create “spatial awareness” in the phone. The said technology has been developed by a team that was headed by the “former Kinect lead Johnny Lee”, while “Google's Advanced Technology And Projects group” created Tango.
Here are more details regarding the Tango Smartphone Technology:
“An infrared emitter and infrared camera act as a range-finder to measure the distance between your phone and various objects, allowing them to be mapped in three dimensions. A wide angle camera adds details about the location, and other phone sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and barometers combine to help Tango calculate not just what is around your phone or tablet, but also the angle at which you are looking at an object, how far away it is, and what it looks like. Project Tango partners include Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Intel”.