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Google In Denmark Has Not Provisioned For Tax Authority Review


Last year, Google in Denmark earned a “revenue of 284 million Danish crowns” while it employs close to 100 people in the country.

Google’s Denmark accounts are under review by tax authorities in Denmark. The said review is being carried out for determining if the tech giant holds any “outstanding tax obligation”, revealed Google on Monday, 31 August 2020.
Google Denmark Aps is the Danish arm of Google, which its FY report for 2019 informed that tax specialists “commenced a review of the open tax years concerning the company’s tax position”. However, the tax authority of Denmark refused to give any information about the review. The prime minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, however is among the European leaders advocating for higher tax towards the “multi-national tech companies”.
Alphabet Inc is the founding company of Google, while the latter now employs over hundred people in Denmark. Last year, it earned a “revenue of 284 million Danish crowns”. Nevertheless, the company’s financial statement mentioned that it has not provisioned for the tax review. The Head of Public Policy for “Google in Denmark”, Christine Sorensen said:
“We are in ongoing dialogue with the Danish tax authorities, and we generally speaking pay the tax they ask us to”.
“It is no secret that as an international company, we pay most of our tax - more than 80% - in the United States, where we belong. Just like international Danish companies pay the greater part of their taxes in Denmark”.
Google did not provide any further details on this, while the news was first broken on Finans, a “Danish website media”.