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Google bans employees from using Zoom


Google has banned its employees from using Zoom on business computers due to non-compliance of the software with security standards. This is reported by BuzzFeed with reference to a letter sent to the employees of the company.

“According to our policy, we do not allow employees to use unverified applications that are outside our corporate network. Recently, our security team informed employees using Zoom on corporate computers that it will no longer start because it does not meet our security standards,” said Jose Castaneda, the company spokesman.

The popularity of Zoom video conferencing applications has grown rapidly after the massive transfer of employees to remote work around the world. The company's capitalization tripled, the number of daily users exceeded 200 million.

Recently, Zoom has been criticized for problems with security and data storage. Last month, Motherboard conducted a study that showed that the application shares user information with Facebook, even those who do not have an account on this social network.

source: dailymail.co.uk