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Google’s Global Council To Advocate On AI Ethics


A diverse group of panel form the council to scrutinise and counsel the usage of AI and other emerging technologies.

Google has informed about the launch of a “global advisory council” which will look into artificial intelligence related “ethical issues” while it will also spread into “other emerging technologies”.
By the end of 2019, the council is scheduled to come out with a report, while the body is made up of “technology experts, digital ethicists, and people with public policy backgrounds”. This information was revealed by the Senior Vice President of Global Affairs at Google, Kent Walker during a conference in the MIT.
The purpose of the group is to recommend “Google and other companies” as well as researchers who work in this field including “facial recognition software”, which has given room for “concerns about racial bias and other limitations”.
While, addressing the crowd at the “, which took place in San Francisco, Walker stated:
“We want to have the most informed and thoughtful conversations we can. We want to sit down with the council and see what agenda they want to set.”
Google runs on its “internal AI principles” while other provisions too are at place. And these together prohibit the tech firm to develop AI based weapons. Furthermore, Reuters informed that:
“The eight-member Advanced Technology External Advisory Council includes Joanna Bryson, an associate professor in computing at the University of Bath; William J. Burns, a former U.S. deputy secretary of state, and Dyan Gibbens, chief executive of Houston-based drone startup Trumbull, according to a Google blog post”.