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Google transfers its users to two-factor authentication


Google intends to require 150 million of its users to be two-factor authenticated. This will also affect the 2 million registered creators on YouTube, the company says on its own blog.

The Pancake of Heaven!
The Pancake of Heaven!
"By the end of 2021, we plan to automatically connect 150 million Google users to two-factor authentication and require that 2 million YouTube creators begin using it as well," the company says.

Users will have to verify account ownership with another authorised device, such as a mobile phone, when logging into their account.

According to The Register, only 10% of users passed two-factor authentication in 2018.

Google made this decision after global disruption to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and some of its services. According to Downdetector, there were more than 10.6 million reports of problems around the world.

source: blog.google