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Google unveils its "most capable" AI model Gemini


Google has released the Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) model

Google told on its official blog, "We've wanted to create a new generation of AI models inspired by human understanding of the world and how humans interact with it for a long time." "An AI that appears less like a clever program and more like a helpful tool with intuition, a knowledgeable helper, or an assistant. With the release of Gemini, our most competent and adaptable model to now, we've moved one step closer to that objective today."

Additionally, Google referred to Gemini as their most versatile and sizable model, which functions well both on mobile devices and in data centers.

"Its advanced capabilities will enable developers and enterprise customers to dramatically improve their AI development and scaling processes," the company stated.

According to Google, Gemini is particularly adept at explaining science and math and can comprehend text, graphics, and sound.

The model can only speak English at the moment, but it will quickly pick up other languages, according to the company’s management quoted by Associated Press.

source: apnews.com