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Groupon To Pay IBM $83 Million Over Patent Dispute


Jury gives verdict in favour of IBM, whereby asking to pay a price to Groupon.

On Friday, July 27, 2018, settling a patent dispute, a jury of the U.S. accorded “$83 million” to “International Business Machines Corp”, in short IBM. The dispute was with Groupon Inc, an e-commerce company.
The jury from Delaware conducted a trial for two weeks, following the jury stated that the e-commerce technology was patented by IBM which has been used by Groupon without “authorization”. A statement from IBM’s spokesperson, Douglas Shelton informed:
“IBM invests nearly $6 billion annually in research and development, producing innovations for society. We rely on our patents to protect our innovations. We are pleased by the jury’s verdict.”
While another statement from Groupon’s spokesperson, Bill Roberts stated:
“We continue to believe that we do not infringe on any valid IBM patents. To the extent these patents have any value at all — which we believe they do not — the value is far less than what the jury awarded.”