Daily Management Review

H20 Witnesses Higher Inflows And Reduced Redemptions


Investors’ confidence trembles, while H20 reports of increased inflows as redemptions drop.

On Wednesday, June 26, 2019, the H20 Asset Management has informed that it has observed “big inflows in recent days” while the Natixis owned firm sees redemptions being markedly subsided. The aim remains to reinstate the confidence among the investors as they worry about “some of its funds’ investments”.
In a statement through email, H20 stated that the worth of its “assets under management” was at “27 billion euro” as on Wednesday after it took in “‘substantial’ inflows” which started from Monday. As per Reuters reports;
“Redemptions were down to 450 million euros on Wednesday, which is roughly five times less than at their peak on Friday, it said”.
Moreover, until further notice, it will not have any “entry fees across all funds”.