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Hackers Took The Wrap Off FBI's Confidential Information


A hacker group known as DotGovs on Twitter declassified contact details of 20 thousand employees of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Previously, the hackers also posted in open access personal data of nearly 10 thousand employees of the US Department of Homeland Security. According to the hackers themselves, they got the information after cracking the US Department of Justice’s database.

The cybercriminals boasted of his success on Twitter, saying that they were able to circumvent the cunning FBI scheme and take possession of confidential information. The message ended with hashtag #FreePalestine. Previously, they wanted to break off relations with Israel from the United States.

Now attackers are threatening the United States with new cyber-attacks. They assured that the actions will continue until US abide by demands. The last attack on the US intelligence agencies is already considered one of the largest in history. According to the hackers themselves, they managed to steal about 200 GB of data.

The published files contain names, titles, telephone numbers and email addresses of the departments’ employees. At the same time, the Ministry has already said that the hackers did not fish out any information potentially dangerous for the employees.

"The Ministry is currently dealing with the fact of unauthorized access to the system, which contained contact information", - said department’s representative Peter Carr.

Earlier, it became known that unknown Japanese hackers stole at least 20 thousand information files related to defense, technological and political secrets. They used the same type of Emdivi virus that infects computers and allows seamlessly extracting sensitive information, NHK television reported with reference to an independent investigation conducted by them.

The same NHK interviewed representatives of companies, research institutes, official organizations, and others, recently exposed to cyber attacks.

According to the channel’s estimates, the attacks affected more than one thousand various structures. Among the innocent parties were defense firms supplying equipment abroad, their confidential memos, as well as scheduled actions of a number of political figures and intelligence.

source: nydailynews.com