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Hanoi, Vietnam Chosen As Place For 2nd Summit Between Trump And Kim Jong-Un


Hanoi, Vietnam Chosen As Place For 2nd Summit Between Trump And Kim Jong-Un
The White House said on Friday that the much expected meeting between the United States president Donald Trump and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un would be held in the capital city of Vietnam – Hanoi, the capital of a communist ruled country in an effort to ward off a potential nuclear threat. 
“My representatives have just left North Korea after a very productive meeting and an agreed upon time and date for the second Summit with Kim Jong Un,”. Trump said on Twitter. “It will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 27 & 28. I look forward to seeing Chairman Kim & advancing the cause of peace!”
While announcing the meeting between him and Kim Jong-un would take place in Vietnam late this month in his State of the Union address this week, Trump had however not mentioned anything about the venue or the city of the meeting.  It has been reported that there were some options for the possible city foe the meeting that the US had explored and included the city of Danang, a coastal city which is known for the arrival of American forces arrived in 1965 as amongst the first troops to land in the country leading to a war that would ultimately scar an entire generation. However eeports said that Hanoi was the preferred choice of the North Koreans.
Vietnam has been mentioned more than once by Trump and his aides, setting it out as an example of a country that was ruled by communists and one which managed to emerge out from international isolation and sanctions and has managed to create a dynamic and strong economy. This has also been the argument of Trump in trying to convince North Korea’s Kim about giving up North Korea’s intention of developing nuclear weapons and instead create a strong economy as Vietnam.
The proposed meeting between Trump and Kim would be the second one between the leaders. The previous one was held in Singapore in June last year. Trump had hailed that meeting to be a huge success and had declared that he and Kim had almost resolved the decades-long nuclear dispute. He later also had commented that he and Kim “fell in love.”
But there is yet to be any concrete commitment from North Korea about disarming itself of nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons development, even though there the country’s authorities have so far not engaged in conducting any further nuclear and missile tests.
“North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, will become a great Economic Powerhouse,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “He may surprise some but he won’t surprise me, because I have gotten to know him & fully understand how capable he is. North Korea will become a different kind of Rocket — an Economic one!”