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Henley & Partners: number of overseas trips remains low


International mobility remains extremely difficult, according to a new passport ranking by consultancy Henley & Partners.

It says the number of international trips lags behind the 2019 figure by 88% due to the high number of closed borders.

The H&P ranking assesses passports by the number of destinations available to their holders for visa-free travel or with a visa on arrival.

"The gap between theoretical passport capacity and actual access to travel remains significant," the press release noted.

Japan (193 formally accessible countries), Singapore (192) and Germany and South Korea (191 each) remain at the top of the H&P rankings. In practice, Japanese passport holders have access to fewer than 80 destinations, while Singapore passport holders have access to 75, H&P said. 

The reason for this is not specified. Similar inconveniences, the company notes, are experienced by citizens of countries with high vaccination rates. For example, US passport holders can visit 61 countries instead of 187 without a visa.

source: henleyglobal.com