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Huawei Launches New Honor Smartphone Models Despite Android Issue


Huawei Launches New Honor Smartphone Models Despite Android Issue
The launch of the new Honor smartphones by the embattled Chinese tech giant Huawei apparently set aside all uncertainties over the future of its devices business as the company confidently displayed its technological development and prowess in smartphones.
Google’s Android platform is used by the second-biggest phone maker of the world to run its smartphones outside of China. However the company has been crippled by the restrictions imposed on Huawei by the United States Commerce Department which prevents Google - the company that developed and owns Android, to do any business with Huawei last week. That has created questions over the manner in which Huawei smartphone owners would avail future software updates of Android.
On Tuesday, a temporary relief was given to Huawei by the US Commerce Department by granting it a license to purchase U.S. goods and technology until August 19 which means that Huawie smartphone users would be allowed access to updates from Google for its apps such as Gmail and YouTube until that date.
He was “really happy to see so many friends”, said president of Huawei’s youth-focused brand Honor, George Zhao, to hundreds of reporters, bloggers and analysts gathered at the launch event.
 “No matter what happens, no matter what kind of challenges ... just smile and overcome them,” he told the audience. That mantra could also be easily applied equally to Huawei as to its young customers.
“We will talk and communicate with the world using our products, technology and innovation,” he added. He was referring to the Honor 20 Pro which is fitted with four rear cameras – including one wide-angle camera and a telephoto, and a 48-megapixel main camera.
Honor had been a successful model for Huawei because it had a strong appeal not only with the young customer that the model was targeting but even beyond that customer base, said Francisco Jeronimo, associate VP for devices at IDC.
“It is a very important brand for them to address lower price points without damaging the Huawei brand. But with the decision on Sunday, everything changes. There are many questions that no-one can answer yet,” Jeronimo said.
An illusion of depth to colors such as “Phantom Blue” and “Phantom Black” on the 20 Pro is possible on the new models due to the triple-layer back panel on the phones which was highlighted by Zhao.
Google had already certified the newly launched Huawei smartphones before the US company announced suspension of business ties with the Chinese firm, a Huawei spokesman told the media.
Zhao said that the price of the new Honor 20 Prowould be 599 euros ($669) and would be available in the market soon. He also said that the the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Lite would have retail prices of 499 euros and 299 euros respectively.

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