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Huawei starts buying chips around the world due to sanctions


Chinese hardware and electronics manufacturer Huawei has begun to actively fill its warehouses with chips from various suppliers. It is noted that the stock is being created in anticipation of the start of the US sanctions against the Chinese company, writes Nikkei citing sources close to the company.

Kārlis Dambrāns via flickr
Kārlis Dambrāns via flickr
In addition to chips, Huawei is filling warehouses with other components for its production. These are single-chip systems for smartphones, Wi-Fi adapters, display controllers and other possible semiconductor components.

"The company is now in a chaotic mode of survival and has recently been constantly changing its own plans," the source said.

Another interlocutor said that there were only three weeks left before the imposition of US sanctions. Therefore, one of the chip companies is ready to send both finished products and "semiconductor wafers that have not yet been packaged and tested" to Huawei.

The United States announced on August 17 that it was imposing a ban on the use of American technologies to supply them to Huawei against foreign chip manufacturers. Now, in order to continue such cooperation, it will be necessary to obtain a special license.

source: asia.nikkei.com