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Impossible Foods announces plant-based chicken nuggets


U.S. Impossible Foods has introduced plant-based chicken nuggets. The company plans to start selling them in stores this year.

Tony Webster
Tony Webster
American company Impossible Foods has announced the launch of a new product: "chicken nuggets" made from plant-based ingredients. The company's announcement is published on its website. 

Impossible Foods' nuggets are made with soy protein and sunflower oil, the company points out. Their structure is held together by methylcellulose (used in ice cream, sauces and jams) as well as food starch. In addition, the manufacturer uses a mixture of herbs and spices and coats the nuggets with flour. 

The new product does not contain heme, an ingredient made from genetically modified yeast, CNBC notes. The channel reminds that it is banned in China and the European Union, but U.S. regulators allow the ingredient.

Impossible Foods' new product will first become available in U.S. dining establishments, and later at retailers, such as Walmart. The company plans to make the nuggets available in more than 10,000 stores this year. A bag of about 20 nuggets will cost $7.99.

source: cnbc.com