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In Britain, a Bar With Alcohol Air Is Gaining Popularity


A unique bar “Alcoholic Architecture” opened on the territory of the ancient monastery in London. All of its rooms are filled with dense alcoholic fog. As planned by the owners of the bar, such a form of serving will help take a fresh look at the familiar cocktails.

Alcoholic Constructions
Alcoholic Constructions
Alcoholic Architecture’s employees first saturate air in the room with special chemicals and then evaporate liquid consisting of ingredients of alcoholic cocktails (such as gin and tonic) and harmless flavored base, which softens the unpleasant effects of alcohol. Alcohol enters the bloodstream through visitors’ lungs and mucous eye, so people just need to breathe steadily and deeply to get drunk.

40 minutes into the clouds of steam are comparable in effect with one big cocktail, and the first signs of intoxication occur in about twenty minutes. It is interesting that, according to the creators of the bar, drinks’ taste in a gaseous state are even stronger than in the liquid.

The procedure is completely safe: the creators of the project, Sam Bompass and Harry Parr before opening bars consulted with doctors and chemists to figure out how long an average person can stay in their institution without harm to the body. In the end, they decided that the "session" visit the bar will last one hour.

Each client before entering the room must wear the lightweight waterproof suit for clothes not to get wet and prevent them from smelling of gin and tonic. The alcohol vapor also completely fills the room, so that the visibility falls to virtually zero, sounds are distorted and muted, as if in a fog. Powerful lighting stains gas with different colors.

- This is a completely new way of drinking alcohol, and it brings people together, as all visitors are in the same conditions. They all feel the same taste and flavor, - tells Harry Parr about his project in an interview with Bloomberg.

 An hour in the bar is worth £ 10. Alcoholic Architecture will run until the beginning of 2016.

source: bloomberg.com