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India Intensifies Its Scrutiny Of Spices By Examining All Producers Nationally.


India Intensifies Its Scrutiny Of Spices By Examining All Producers Nationally.
As international authorities look into contamination concerns with two well-known local brands, India's food safety agency said on Thursday that it has ordered nationwide testing and inspections at all enterprises creating spice mixes. This action broadened the crackdown on the industry.
Sales of three MDH spice mixes from India and one Everest spice mix for fish curry were halted in Hong Kong last month. The same Everest mix was recalled by Singapore as well because of excessive ethylene oxide levels, which are dangerous for ingestion by humans and can cause cancer if exposed to prolonged amounts.
Goods made by MDH and Everest are very well-liked in India and are also available in Europe, Asia, and North America. The manufacturers guarantee their goods' safety.
Nevertheless, food safety officials in the US and Australia stated they are collecting further data on the subject, and India had already mandated product testing for the two brands.
With an emphasis on companies producing curry powders and mixed spice mixes for domestic and international markets, the Indian regulator has now directed authorities to carry out "extensive inspections, sampling and testing at all the manufacturing units" for powdered spices.
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India stated in a statement that "every product sampled will be analysed for the compliance with quality and safety parameters."
The agency also stated that when testing was finished, "appropriate actions will be initiated as fit" and that additional tests will be done for the presence of ethylene oxide, whose usage is prohibited in India.
According to Zion Market Research, India's domestic market for spices was estimated to be worth $10.44 billion in 2022. India is the world's largest producer, exporter, and consumer of spices.
Other significant producers outside of MDH and Everest are Madhusudan Masala, NHC Foods, and the retail behemoths Tata Consumer Products and ITC.