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India Recalls ‘16,444’ Units of Ford EcoSport For A Probable Manufacturing Failure of RTBs


Thousands of EcoSport model of Ford manufactured at India were recalled.

The EcoSport of Ford has been designed by the compact SUV being an American carmaker. It has been reported that there has been a voluntary recall of the same product in India. The said action was followed by "a potential concern related to Rear Twist Beam bolt".
Report has it, that the said recall may affect as many as “16,444 units of the Ford EcoSport”. The same were manufactured in Chennai “at the carmaker's facility” sometimes between the period of “November 2013 and April 2014”.
As per the explanation given by Ford, there have some “affected vehicles” wherein the “Rear Twist Beam” or the RTBs were not as tight as the specification requires them to be. Therefore, the RTBs will in turn can break the pivot bolt, whereby “potentially” compromising the handling of the vehicle and thus increasing the “risk of accident”.
Furthermore, a clarification issued by the carmaker stated that the above mentioned recall was a “proactive voluntary action” whereby assuring that “no accidents related to the concern have been reported”.
Moreover, the company is planning on getting in touch with the owners who have the “affected Ford EcoSport units” and carry out “inspection at a local Ford dealership”. In additional to that, in case of any “necessary rework” that requires to be done, the company will deliver the needed services “free of charge at the respective dealerships”.