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Intel announces AI chips for cars


One of the biggest producers of computer chips worldwide, Intel, unveiled chips that will enable the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in automobiles, writes Barron's. The processors will primarily be sold to a Chinese corporation.

Intel revealed plans to integrate AI-capable chips into cars. The chip maker announced its first-generation "system-on-chip," or SOC, for what the automotive industry calls "software-defined vehicles," according to Barron's.

The Chinese manufacturer Zeekr, which plans to employ the chips in cars, will be the company's first SOC customer.

The portal cites Intel Automotive General Manager Jack Weast as saying that manufacturers plan to use the processors to implement generative AI in-car voice assistants that can respond to inquiries about locations, including where the closest Starbucks coffee shop or charging station is.

Weast also mentioned that the technology will enable the use of video conferencing features like background blurring and track instances of unsafe behavior in the cabin by drivers and passengers, such as when children are not buckled up in the back seat.

source: barrons.com