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Interbrand: Tech brands skyrocket in 2021 rating


Consultancy Interbrand presented its annual ranking of the world's 100 most expensive brands: the top 3 remained unchanged, while only one new brand was added to the overall list. Overall, brand value growth accelerated over the year, with technology companies showing the greatest growth. Tesla was the leader in terms of growth, increasing in value by 184%.

Sébastien Bertrand
Sébastien Bertrand
The first place in the ranking of the top 100 most expensive brands in the world is taken Apple Corporation, which brand value for the year rose by 26% to $ 408.3 billion. Second and third place are taken by Amazon (up 24% to $ 249.3 billion) and Microsoft (27% to $ 210.2 billion). The first three places account for 33% of the value of all brands on the ranking.

The total value of the top 100 brands on the list rose 15% year-over-year to $2.3 trillion, up just 9% last year. On average, the value of the ranked brands grew 10% over 2021 - an average increase of just 1.3% in 2020.

Of all sectors, technology companies showed the most significant growth, with a 26% increase in value. Electric car maker Tesla was the fastest growing brand this year, climbing from 40th to 14th place with a 184% jump in value to $36.3 billion. Significantly improving their position in the ranking were cloud business systems developer Salesforce, which moved from 58th place to 38th (brand value increased by 37% to $14.8 billion), and payment system PayPal, which moved from 60th position to 42nd (an increase of 36% to $14.3 billion). Other technology companies and electronics manufacturers also added markedly, with Adobe up 36%, Nintendo up 26%, Zoom up 24%, Instagram up 23%, LinkedIn up 22%, YouTube up 21%, Samsung and Sony up 20%, Google and Netflix up 19%.

Sports goods manufacturer Nike (up 24%), constructor manufacturer Lego (up 21%), and luxury clothing brands Hermes and Prada (up 20%) all saw significant value increases.

The most significant reductions in brand value were seen in camera, office and optical equipment manufacturer Canon (down 14%), clothing retailer Zara and food manufacturer Kellogg`s (both down 9%).

The only newcomer to this year's ranking was cosmetics company Sephora, valued at $4.6 billion. Now the LVMH Group, which includes Sephora, owns five brands in the ranking, which is a record. In addition to Sephora, these are Louis Vuitton, Dior, Tiffany and Hennessy.

source: interbrand.com