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Investments in Latin America reach record $224 billion in 2022


The amount invested grew by 55.2% from 2021.

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According to a study by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) released on Monday, foreign direct investment in Latin America and the Caribbean increased by 55.2% in 2022 to a record $224.58 billion.

Foreign direct investment into Latin America and the Caribbean reached a record $224.58 billion in 2022, up 55.2% from the previous year and the highest level ever recorded, according to ECLAC analysts.

The analysts expect that Brazil will attract the greatest investment in 2022 (41% of the total). In terms of investments received, Costa Rica led Central America, and the Dominican Republic led the Caribbean. The services sector received more than 50% of all foreign investments, with increases in manufacturing and mining investment as well.

source: cepal.org