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Iranians are Dissatisfied with McDonalds Coming to the Country


After years of efforts associated with the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue, the parties finally managed to conclude a final agreement, and thus together resolve their existing conflicts, yet it was a lot of different points of view about the nature of this agreement.

Cancellation or suspension of economic sanctions against Iran is now of great interest to the business community and, therefore, all sorts of business delegations from around the world, who want to watch out for their own profits and not to lag behind its competitors, immediately rushed to the Islamic Republic. Currently, the acute concern of the experts is the possibility of flooding the Iranians with huge amount of imported goods, and now it has become a big problem for economists.

Against the background of rather contradictory data coming from the media, there was a message that made experts in the field of politics, economy and culture immediately respond to it. It announced the appearance an American character in Iran - McDonald's restaurants chain.  

McDonalds have long existed in most countries and is considered a symbol of American culture.

The news of the opening of similar establishments in the Islamic Republic of Iran has forced many analysts to think. In particular, the following question stood in front of them: why, after the lifting of sanctions, the country should see a symbol of American culture instead of importing technology and strategic goods? Political scientists and culture experts are still worried about the fact that if you look closely, you can see that a specific culture becomes widespread with the advent of these restaurants.

This culture to establish their own dominance in the world is transforming local and national culture, destroying them from the inside with the substitute.

Thanks to the efforts of supporters of maintaining relations with the United States, appearance of the restaurants, a recognized symbol of cultural liberalism and American culture, will have consequences that can be interpreted as a soft coup.

In order to fully clarify the process and the mechanism of its implementation, it should be noted that Western countries and capitalist liberalism, led by America, intend to use the cultural instrument, which is the conductor of political liberalism, and power of the West, in order to grow and strengthen their own world domination.  

As part of this project, the United States and Western countries, drawing the benefits of the globalization process for themselves, seek to spread specifically Western culture around the world. Due to its implementation and the elimination of other national cultures, they are aimed at the establishment of the world's cultural liberalism as a way to subdue the minds of the people to change their tastes, and ultimately ensure its own colonial domination over other countries.

Using cultural domination as a prerequisite for the establishment of their political power, the states, with the help of their own culture, penetrate into other countries, gradually spreading it among the local population and convert it into the dominant trend.

Currently, after mankind has survived two world wars with their huge material and human losses, many countries around the world have come to realize that the period of fierce military confrontation was in the past, and soft methods must be used for their own purposes. Following this logic, the United States in order to maintain its position as a superpower, is seeking to use the process of globalization to export their culture to other countries, making it the dominant there and thus achieve increase their own political power on a global level.

Important feature of the opening of these restaurants around the world is that huge funds are spent to ensure the safety of their. Even in Western countries, which are culturally close to America, this circumstance causes popular discontent. Particularly in Italy, citizens also hold rallies and demonstrations against the restaurants.

With the advent of the McDonald’s in many countries, the popularity of these institutions over time was marred by some problems of ethical content, which ultimately led to the emergence of a large number of those dissatisfied with eateries. Protesters even announced October 16 the day of struggle against McDonald's. Discontent appeared at a time when restaurants of this network of eateries were attacked during anti-capitalist protests in the UK in the first place.

source: yazdrasa.ir