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Irish Passport issues hit record in anticipation of Brexit


Nearly a million Irish passports were issued in 2019, according to The Guardian, citing the Irish government.

by Albert Bridge
by Albert Bridge
The number of Irish passports issued this year increased by 7% compared to last year and reached a record level. 

In 2019, more than 900 thousand Irish entry documents were issued. During peak periods, more than 5.8 thousand applications from around the world were submitted within one day. Continuing the record trend, the total number of applications for the month exceeded 100 thousand in January, March, April and May. 

Brexit resulted in a sharp increase in demand from Irish people living in England, Scotland and Wales. 

According to the 1998 Belfast Agreement, citizens living in Northern Ireland are entitled to an Irish passport, a British passport, or both. 

Interest in obtaining Irish passports increased after a referendum on EU membership in 2016. During the referendum in Northern Ireland, 56% of the vote were cast against 44% for maintaining EU membership. 

Locals feared that leaving Britain from the European Union would result in airport lines and  loss of many citizenship rights. 

Many rely on benefits such as free treatment when visiting Europe, recognition of qualifications throughout the block and subsidies for tuition. 

source: theguardian.com