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Israel's Central Bank names financial costs of the conflict with Hamas


In its macroeconomic forecast, the Central Bank of Israel calculated that the conflict with the Palestinian Hamas, had cost the nation 198 billion shekels, or 53 billion dollars.

Montecruz Foto
Montecruz Foto
In a report on the "expected consequences" of Israel's operation in the Gaza Strip, the regulator stated that the total gross effect of the war was 198 billion shekels.

The Israeli Central Bank notes that of the total, defense spending makes up 107 billion shekels, or roughly $28.8 billion. The remaining expenses are associated with paying off the public debt, compensating for direct or indirect damage, and lost tax revenue.

Since the beginning of the Israeli strikes, there have been over 16,000 fatalities and over 35,000 injuries in the Gaza Strip. Several reports claim that Hamas may be holding 150 or so Israelis captive. According to the movement, there are between 200 and 250 prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

source: ft.com